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Ten artists living in Dubai came together to showcase their works at Taj Palace Hotel Dubai at an exhibition from 17th to 27th April. Titled Art2Gether, the exhibition includes over 60 contemporary paintings done in varied styles and is supported by Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC). Participating artists include Kamen Bonev, Brigitte Roshay, Harshad Badbe, Daria Avdeeva, Patricia Malek Rizk, Barbara Moerl Weidig, Jennifer Mueller-Barton, Simon Routledge, Richa Singh and Marwa Mohamed Al Suwaidi.

Art2Gether mirrors the urbanity of Dubai, the exaltation of everyday living in this magical and energetic metropolis. Mr. Ahmed Badawy, Owner’s Representative and Director of Finance, Taj Palace Hotel Dubai, said, “I believe art is all around us. It is in everything we do and that is what this group of artists has attempted to portray. They have put together a wonderful collection with some unique compositions and we are truly proud to host this outstanding exhibition at the Taj Palace Hotel Dubai”.

The exhibition is quite impressive in its range and variety. The paintings range from medium to large sizes with figurative and abstract images outweighing other forms. Some of the works are quite intense and dark while others are a blaze of colour. Modernity epitomizes this diversity through the polarities expressed in the paintings focusing on both life in an ultramodern city and human emotions.

Ayesha Chen McKeever, Chairwoman, DIAC, said, “Art2Gether is a breathtaking spectacle with each piece beautifully welded together. Looking at the paintings one feels a sense of awe that’s often associated with Dubai. The artists have reacted to Dubai as both insiders and outsiders which is what you see on the canvas. The luxurious Taj Palace Hotel Dubai is the perfect location to display these works and we are extremely grateful to the management of the hotel for supporting these immensely talented artists.”

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