Sayidati Mall – Largest digital platform in Saudi and the Arab world

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Sayidati magazine announced today the launch of “sayidati mall” the largest digital guide for shopping and global brands in Saudi Arabia and Arab world. This site it’s the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and Arab world, which meets women’s needs and her family requirements through what information it provide her about the shops, stores and markets located in the nearest  residential area  of each woman, in addition to the stores available at the shopping malls. The website also features the latest available promotions and sales of all the well-known brands. Also, latest trends in fashion, accessories with its prices for women, men, kids and home. It allows each woman to know everythinginthe world of shopping from home or via mobile phone through one website.

Said Mr.Mohammad Fahad Al Harthy, editor in chief, Sayidati magazine commenting on the news of launching the website:”Sayidati mall is the first site of its kind that includes database of the clients, products and global brands which is able to serve women needs. It also provides a space in which they can share their opinion, suggestions and their shopping experience. Speaking about the future plans for the website, said Al Harthy: “Saudi market is our first target in our new project followed by other steps first Emirati market and then Arab world market. We’re going to launch Sayidati mall application on mobile phones to make it easier for the Arab shoppers.

Sayidati mall has members’ section “super shoppers” where they can have the chance to know about their friends activates that attracts them in their favorite stores and know their recent purchase in a friendly and lively atmosphere. Members can collect points and enter draws.

It is noteworthy that “Sayidati mall” is one of the “Sayidati net” projects which reached to 85 million viewer in August according to the international statistical website Effective Measure, fans reached to 6 million in the magazine Facebook page.

The total followers in Twitter reached to 150 thousand, while the total number of viewers in Youtube reached to 40 million and that shows that the magazine has a great number of readers.

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