Sparkle Towers : Tebyan appoints Sun Engineering & Contracting

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Following the official launch of Tebyan’s Sparkle Towers at Dubai Marina, the Dubai based realtors are now collaborating with top leading contractors in the UAE, Sun Engineering & Contracting Co. LLC. The contractors have an extensive track record in building residential, commercial and hospitality towers in the UAE. The residential haven, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, will be one of Sun Engineering’s most prestigious endeavors.

Managing Director of Tebyan, Mr. Naji Alia elaborated on the expected benefits from the contractors: “Tebyan and Sun Engineering & Contracting both have a shared belief that no project is ever too big or too luxurious for Dubai, because this phenomenal city is larger than life. We believe Sun Engineering & Contracting Co. LLC will live up to our expectations and outshine any other landmark in the city. An outstanding portfolio with a fine balance of luxury and quality control makes Sun Engineering, the ideal selection for a project as big as the Sparkle Towers at Dubai Marina.”

The contractors are ready to make their next move, Mr. Omar Ataya, Deputy Chairman of Sun Engineering & Contracting Co. LLC says, “Our mission is to reach for new horizons. We’re specialized in safety management and quality control, and we share a proud heritage of client and customer care. Following Tebyan’s success, we’re excited to take on projects that are going to redefine Dubai’s global reputation.”

Branded as ‘Space Marveled by SWAROVSKI®’, Sparkle Towers at Dubai Marina was launched earlier this month followed by an outstanding review from one of the biggest names in the industry and stands as one of the most iconic landmarks of the year. Its estimated date of completion is December 2016.

About Tebyan:

Tebyan is an innovator in property development, whose track record includes some of the most iconic projects in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The company brings together a wealth of experience from major real estate investors and developers under one umbrella. Tebyan’s pursuit of perfection includes developing unique residential, commercial, entertainment and hospitality projects worth more than AED1.5 billion in the next two years. In addition to the Sparkle Towers at Dubai Marina project, Tebyan is working on two residential and hospitality projects in Jebel Ali, Dubai. The company operates in several countries including the UAE, KSA and Jordan.

About Sun Engineering and Contracting Co. LLC:

Sun Engineering & Contracting is one of the Middle East’s leading construction companies. Established in 1975, the company has vast experience in in large-scale projects encompassing hotels, shopping malls and luxurious villas. It has main offices in the UAE and Qatar, with branches across the region.

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