Kempinski Ajman : Seasonal Flavours

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Here it is again, the beginning of the week. We all sit in offices, in front of computers, with a bar of chocolate or another unhealthy snack next to us just to be able to take a quick bite between sentences of the email we are writing…

At some point there is a moment when we need to take a break. Every little sound or scent creates thousands of pictures and cravings in our minds. This is exactly the moment when we would like to have something different on our palate, to taste a new combination of herbs or a marinade. This is normally the time when we make spontaneous decisions to finally go to the restaurant we have heard about for so long.

To fulfill a delicious desire, we land at a place that we wouldn’t head to on any other occasion – the best Indian restaurant in town. We happen to order the signature dish afraid to dig too deep into the menu. And there it is: the experience for all the senses.

Excited by this brave decision, we follow the chefs each and every hand movement of the preparation and try to sense any fresh spices lurking in the marinade. Colours, tastes, scents and sounds surround us until we reach the sweet meat of fresh lobster completely covered with the hand-grounded spices inherited from the ancient silk route. We anticipate the sensation for the taste buds, which is on the way and the delicate aroma delivered by the Tandoor, a charcoal-fired clay oven, embraces our nostrils…

At Bukhara in Kempinski Hotel Ajman, they serve a whole experience instead of a single dish.

Kempinski Hotel , Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street , Ajman
Contact number : +971 6 714 5555

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