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2nd Annual Resort and Development Hospitality, 8th and 9th February 2015

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Marcus Evans has launched the 2nd Annual Resort and Development Hospitality scheduled to take place on the 8th and 9th of February 2015 in Dubai, UAE. This conference will showcase plenary sessions, real-world case studies and parallel streams shared by influential hospitality operators, developers and real estate leaders in the process of continuous development and expansion of world-class resorts to remain at the edge of the hospitality industry. The Resort Development and Hospitality conference will showcase an overview of the latest developments in masterplanning and design, project planning and commercialisation, as well as introducing revolutionary concepts and leveraging on cutting edge technologies for the industry.

Conducting a presentation on Creating Holiday Destinations: Building Premier Resort Destinations to Create the Most Wanted Getaways is Simon Barlow who is the Chief Executive Officer – Hotels Business Units of Majid Al Futtaim Properties, UAE . We explore his expect opinion and views of the industry as well as his take on the resort and development industry today in this exclusive interview.

What is your view and expert opinion about the upcoming 2nd Annual Resort Development & Hospitality conference?
Conferences are a great opportunity to network with industry colleagues. The GCC is booming with new hotel/resort projects so the timing for this conference is appropriate.

What are the current top 5 challenges faced by resort developers and operators in your opinion?
1) The increasing cost of land and the effect it has on overall feasibility.
2) Depending upon location, the challenge of maintaining consistency of demand between mid – week and weekends. Facilities, market segments, etc
3) Matching the right operator/brand to a location.
4) Speed to market – how do you accelerate the development of the resort?
5) Creating a shared vision between owner and operator.

You will be presenting at the upcoming conference. Which topic in the event (other than your own) interests you most? Why?
I am interested to understand other colleagues views on the commerciality of resort development.

How would you comment on the rapid rate of resort developments being on par with the demand in the growth of visitors ?
It’s a natural progression. As visitor arrivals grow then its logical that more hotels and resorts are required. City hotels are a more straightforward investment proposition than resorts. The investor community will see resorts as higher risk assets, therefore developers will need to show stronger return profiles in order to get projects funded.

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