Beyond Gourmet, ‘The Black Diamond’ by Scoopi Café

Beyond Gourmet: The Black Diamond by Scoopi Café

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If you have a sweet tooth and want to add a glamorous touch to a special occasion, then a trip to Scoopi Cafe for the signature “Black Diamond” sundae may be in order. Hailing flavour as king, the extravagant creation is carefully made from the finest ingredients, and priced at AED 2999.

The café’s ambitious founder painstakingly crafted the dessert over a five-week period and experimented with recipes and ingredients that were flown in from all across the globe until he came up with the winning combination of flavours.

As delicious as it is expensive, diners who choose to indulge in this lavish creation are treated to the finest Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, infused with ambrosial Iranian saffron that serves to intensify the flavour. Rare black Italian truffles add to the depth of the flavour, matched only by its price. This luxurious sundae is then further adorned with 23 carat edible gold forming unprecedented levels of decadence.

For such a precious treat, only an equally valuable serving dish will do, of course, which is why the sundae is rested neatly in a stunning Versace bowl and spoon to match. As a memento of the one-of-a-kind experience, the goblet is the customer’s to keep.

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