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Established in 2009 by a group of investors, Italian Dairy Products has grown steadily throughout its years of operation in the UAE, developing an outstanding portfolio of important customers in the food service, hospitality and retail sectors.

The combination of milk from the UAE’s dairy farms and cheese-making expertise from Italy has resulted in locally made cheese becoming available in the UAE.


The freshly made cheeses production of Italian Dairy Products consists of Mozzarella handcrafted in different shapes and dimensions like bocconcini, cherries, burrata, stracciatella, nodini (little knots), treccia (braid shape), sfoglia (thin sheets to be filled as per your taste and then rolled), silano (loaves) used for pizza and scamorza in both natural and smoked type, ricotta, all made with fresh Emirati cow milk.


On March 31st Italian Dairy Products presented its new product: the Buffalo Mozzarella made in UAE.

The new Buffalo mozzarella is made from water buffalo milk imported from the country and region of origin, Campania, in the south of Italy, and specially made and prepared to preserve all its unique properties with high calcium, vitamins and mineral salts. Unique for its pearly white color, its deep and particular taste, smooth and shiny surface with the aroma of the Mediterranean brush.

Italian Dairy Products makes a wide range of traditional Italian “pasta filata” cheeses like mozzarella, as well as ricotta.

“Pasta Filata” refers to the special characteristics that the Mozzarella curd has of stretching: The Mozzarella curd, when its reach the optimal maturation point, its able in the hot water to became stretchy, stringy, “filante” in Italian, so will have this unique characteristics to be moulded in different shapes, having this elasticity and fibrousness that gives finished mozzarella its remarkable texture. All products are fresh and natural, with no additives at all!


Italian Dairy Products FZC is an authentic artisan cheese factory making mozzarella and other varieties of fresh cheese that bring a taste of “La bella vita” to the UAE. Established in Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone, Italian Dairy Products crafts mozzarella, burrata, scamorza and ricotta from traditional recipes with locally sourced milk.

To respect Italian cheese-making tradition and guarantee the authenticity and quality of our products, we imported all our equipment from Italy. Production is carried out exclusively by specialized artisanal cheese makers with professional experience in Italian dairy companies.

Italian Dairy Products’ strength lies in its unique advantage of being able to produce daily and locally, ensuring reliable availability and consistent quality of the freshest cheeses for the most discerning clientele in the UAE.

Italian Dairy Products supply the Hospitality and F&B sector, it has a growing presence in supermarkets and standalone food shops and the products are directly sell to consumers in local farmers markets.

Italian Dairy Products is HACCP certified and complies with international safety and quality standards.

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