Plasma High-Tech Ceramic – Modern alchemy

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Imagine what would happen if you could take a piece of white ceramic and transform it, magically, into a gleaming watch case that looked like metal. Now imagine you could do it without using any metal. Sounds impossible. Rado didn’t just imagine it: we did it.

Material magic
Eye-catching plasma high-tech ceramic timepieces begin their lives white. Using modern and advanced material technology, Rado has taken finished white ceramic components and subjected them to plasma treatment. During this process, the molecular composition of the surface of the ceramic is changed by gases activated by a plasma discharge at 20,000ºC in a specially-designed oven. The ceramic itself reaches a temperature of 900ºC; its colour changes and a unique, warm grey metallic shine emerges. As the plasma carburising process changes the chemical composition of the surface but does not alter its structure, it does not affect the properties of the ceramic, which maintains the same hardness, scratch-resistance, lightness and hypoallergenic benefits as white and black high-tech ceramic. And, although the colour is only altered on the surface, it will not fade over time and maintains its hightech glow.

Scintillatingly scientific and super stylish, the brilliant warm grey metallic shine of plasma high-tech ceramic may look like metal, but there is no metal involved at all. Achieved through this patented process first used by Rado, plasma high-tech ceramic is 100% ceramic, 100% innovative and 100% Rado.

Plasma Ceramic can be found in many of Rado’s most famous collections, including the Rado HyperChrome and Rado DiaMaster.

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