Bertin Bistro and Restaurant

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Bertin Bistro is a modern restaurant, bistro and bakery conveniently located on Al Manara Street off Sheikh Zayed Road. Inspired by the conflicting passions and the rich history of three food revolutionaries, this globally unique dining concept perfects and explores traditional French and Andalusian food in a mesmerizing combination.

Dining at Bertin Bistro promises not only an incomparable food experience, but also a taste of a life long dream of three very different men, the shared vision of opening a restaurant that epitomises the love of food.

Mutual passion for dynamic and culturally diverse cuisine was the catalyst that brought together the partners of Bertin Bistro who have created this unique restaurant. During their first tumultuous forays into their dream business, the three head- strong individuals would argue so voraciously about their ideas that strangers would turn and stare. It was the reactions of those around them and their burning ambition that cemented the concept that they knew would make headlines.

Bertin-interior-gfTo create a unique concept, the combating friends developed a story based on their lives and passions, a story of love, loss and retribution. The story tells of Bertin, a young man born in Alsace, France to a family with a long line of master chefs and bakers. He falls in love with the beautiful and exotic Selena and makes it his mission to perfect the family recipes for her pleasure. Bertin follows his unrequited love to Spain but before he can find her he is caught up in a war. Upon his return Bertin discovers that he has lost his first love as Selena has married. Devastated, he leaves Spain forever and sets for Morocco. There, Esmeralda heals Bertin’s broken heart as they share their passion for food. The couple open a restaurant with the united belief that there is no love more sincere than the love of food.

The story is beautifully engraved on the wall of the Bistro and artfully woven into the diverse menu.

To express the love of the food from three culinary backgrounds, Bertin Bistro offers its diners two floors of surprising dishes.

Open from 8 am to 10:30 pm daily, the ground floor offers a wide selection of hot and cold beverages to complement breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is decorated in traditional French Bistro elegance, offering equally traditional dishes, but with a surprising twist. As the trio debate the recipes for each dish their clashing perspectives and zealous exchanges result in the production of a meal that is based in tradition yet perfected by passion and innovation. For example, the signature ‘6-hour lamb’, a traditional French recipe, is perfected with a surprising and delightful hint of ginger. Classic signature dishes such as Pain Perdu, Bertin eggs Benedict and Flammekueche to name a few further compliment the inspired menu selection.

Moving to the second floor guests can follow Bertin’s eventful journey to Marbella, Spain and Tangiers, Morocco and taste the dishes inspired by these regions. Open from 12 pm to 1 am the Andalusia Lounge is decorated in beautiful Moroccan and Spanish styles. The soothing lounge offers classic dishes such as Spanish tapas, modern tagines, plus Selena’s favourite: Paella de Marisco. The Andalusian inspired menu has also received the determined focus of the creators of Bertin Bistro, resulting in more culinary surprises that delight even the most discerning of pallets.

Visitors are guaranteed a warm welcome, attentive service and lifestyle dining experience that will keep them coming back for more. With such passion, commitment and comfort, Bertin Bistro and Restaurant is set to become the ultimate chilled out destination, with a twist.

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