ODS2: Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions

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Technology is taking the hospitality business to new heights. Advanced web and mobile software applications now allow operators to manage businesses in real time enabling greater efficiency and control and, therefore profitability. ODS2 is a leading global technology provider specialized in building customized business software for a wide range of industries including hospitality. Curiosity Middle East profiles some of company’s most popular solutions for the hospitality industry.

For over a decade, the technology firm ODS2 has been delivering innovative turnkey technology solutions to leading organizations across 40 countries in key sectors such as tourism and hospitality, telecom, retail, FMCG, consumer goods, media and services, banking and securities, government, manufacturing and natural resources. Founded in The Netherlands in 1999, with offices in The Netherlands, Canada, and USA, ODS2 is headquartered in UAE.

Mr Gurpreet Jajj, COO of ODS2 , emphasized, “Innovation is our strength and code runs in our blood. We are a full-service premium technology firm specialized in building web and mobile software applications. Our business intelligence software is designed to streamline business processes, spot areas for cost savings and identify new business opportunities”.

Client satisfaction has been a key factor in building this extraordinary reputation. Ms. Amar Judge, Director, Business Development of ODS2, stressed, “Client satisfaction has popularized ODS2 solutions within their respective industries fostering an organic growth. We have been delivering software solutions worldwide from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The world’s best and brightest companies depend on ODS2 to unlock the insights of employees, customers and partners. Amongst a diverse set of industries the growing number of companies benefitting include Vodafone, Jumeirah, KPN, Safehotels, HBO, Logitech, Nuon, Microsoft, Samsung to name a few.

Ms. Amar commented, “Our goal is to be a viable partner for international firms looking to grow in the UA E and the broader MENA region. We are looking to capitalize on large IT investments by verticals such as tourism and hospitality, telecom, retail, FMCG, consumer goods, media and services, banking and securities, government, manufacturing and natural resources”.

ODS2 offers an array of intelligent hospitality solutions for every aspect of the hotel business that are designed to boost efficiency, performance and profits. Whether you are operating a standalone property or a large chain of hotels, ODS2 offers flexible solutions that can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business.

ODS2’s software is designed to cater to the uniqueness of each business. Ms. Amar, noted, “Our innovative team is always adding new features and modules to enhance the software functionality allowing the application to evolve with your organization. Moreover, we understand organizations have invested heavily into existing software applications and may feel limited in their capabilities and with that in mind our software is designed to integrate and seamlessly compliment your existing solutions to truly enhance productivity.”

Amongst the range of services offered, ODS2’s global presence allows it to deliver solutions and provide support worldwide with its flexible service level agreements tailored around your business needs. Building mobile applications, integrating with your existing systems and customizations are amongst the specialties we offer.

Mr Jajj said, “ODS2 software allows hoteliers to organize and manage all their processes from one central system. For example, HR, training, HSE audits, incident reporting, sustainability, risk management can all be managed from one system. State-of-the-art security and a hierarchy based permission system allow different levels of user access. Intuitive dashboard design provides a 360 degree insight into business operations in real-time. Advanced KPI’s and various forms of reporting convert collected data into meaningful information and allow you to follow trends and make informed decisions as the processes unfold. Companies are able to make the most of their resources and turn mountains of data into opportunity. ODS2 cloud based solutions are fully capable of integrating with your existing IT ecosystem and benefit hoteliers by greatly reducing capital expenditures and IT related costs. From simple content-based metrics to sophisticated analysis, our software provides a more complete view on customer & competitors experience and opportunities therein, and helps executives plan for the future”.


“Keep your BUSINESS running even you’re ON THE GO”
ODS2’s e-Facility Management is your complete solution for property maintenance of all your facilities, linking every person, place and thing within your organization into one simple system. Encompassing all facets of facilities management, from managing work orders and request to preventative maintenance, purchasing and inventory control, cost tracking and powerful reporting features, all accessible from any mobile or desktop device, online or offline. Optimize asset life cycles track and manage maintenance costs, provide insight on possible equipment failures streamline labour efforts, and perform other crucial tasks for meeting the full potential of maintenance and facility management.

Scalable Multi-Site Connectivity
Whether on site or working remotely, professionals can keep companies running at optimal levels of productivity, performance and profitability.

Role-Based Access & Permissions
Flexible permission can be set up based on individual user rules for seamless interaction with customers, tenant, employee and contractor.

Maintenance Management
Work order tracking with customized distribution to different departments to automate assignment, services, task, priorities, material tracking, audit trials with notice, email alert and text messages.

Plan Maintenance
Create tailored maintenance schedules and keep track of task and assignment with interactive calendar.

Complete Assets Tracking
Track equipment location and warranty information, complete with images, repair history, schedules and cost, plus keep copy of electronic manuals for ease of reference.

Inventory Management
Order materials vendor, track internal distribution and supplies

Reporting And Dashboard Indicators
Choose your preferred reposting structure with range of use friendly customizable templates

Wireless & Paperless Mobile Access
Manage works orders in real time directly from your mobile device saving time, money and the environment.


ODS2’s Field Auditing provides business with a stateof- the-art turnkey solution to evaluate and improve risk management, control governance processes and field methods to record quality competence.

The comprehensive multi –user platform is customizable to a variety of industries, support multimedia, data management, dynamic questionnaires and hierarchy permission, all fastened to generate comprehensive audits in real time.

Powerful reporting features convert collected data into information, providing immediate insight, automatically generating action plans accompanied by a flexible scoring system to help understand trend analysis and mitigate risks.


Easy to set up This web-and cloud-based turnkey solution requires no installation or set-up to get you started immediately.

Flexible Scoring
Configure multiple rating scales to help you identify and rank observations, yielding a score automatically.

Automated Action Plans
Gain consistency and productivity with automated action plans delivered instantly after completing your audit.

Easy To Manage
Configure your workflow to match your business processes, and simplify the delegation of tasks and activities directly to your team’s mobile devices.

Take notes on-the-go, capture images for reference, create digital signatures for ultimate compliance, accountability, share documents and media anytime, anywhere.

The Powerful event system automatically generates notices based on observations and risk assessments as they happen.

Go Mobile
Stay agile and enable users to work online or offline directly from their mobile devices so they can observe, capture evidence, spot trends and problem areas.

Reports Your Way
Comprehensive and customizable reports show industry standard KPI’s, metrics and can be personalized to your company’s branding requirements.

Intuitive dashboards are designed to help you make informed decisions with information at your fingertips.


“Train with EASE. Learn in BREEZE”
ODS2’s Training Management Software is comprehensive platform designed for creating and delivering training materials online, anywhere at anytime.

Create course materials; engage employee, students, and customers through dynamic and interactive online training integrate videos, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s and online content for a rich multimedia experience.

This cloud-based solution requires no setup and allows business to instantly create online assessment, survey, courses and polls to deliver complete training and educational programs from any device with instant result.

Ensure compliance with quizzes, duration, engagement and reporting. Plus, providing employee with optional training for optimum success and productivity.

Custome / Partners
Brand training and courses, with the ability to generate revenue by training thousands of people, on-demand and complete with certification.

Measure trainee and gain insight about the effectiveness and efficiency of your training.

Upload PDF’s doc’s spreadsheets, videos & more with a click of button.

Training courses can be access even when you are on the move with tablets and mobile devices.
Learn anywhere, anytime.

Quizzes, Exam & Survey’s Organize Your Training
Determine the order and range of testing with the functional to group courses into catalogues.

Automation & Security
Define administrator, trainer and manager roles that control levels of access to account setting, content, and user group.

Collect spontaneous essays from students or ask them to complete a task.

No Installation
Training is created automatically once you upload your content. There is no software installation. It’s ready when you are.

For more information about ODS2 visit www.ods2.com

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