Chili House turns 30 this year

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Chili House, the region’s leading fast casual restaurant chain combining both rich flavor and authentic taste, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this October.

Owned by the Daoud Family, the first Chili House restaurant was opened in 1985. The family wanted to create a place in Amman where people could get together, hang out with friends, enjoy great wholesome foods at a reasonable price.

Chili House quickly became the “Original Social Network for Jordan”. Before cell phones and social network apps, patrons always knew that they would see friends and family at Chili House and provided everyone an opportunity to meet up and socialize over a great meal.

Over the past 30 years Chili House has been positioned as a regional brand that has the ability to expand. In the last 2 years, Chili House has initiated many new Architectural, Food Safety, Operations, & Technology Programs, to carry on with the elements that made Chili House famous. Mr. Fahid Shaker Daoud, President of Chili House, said: “We took what we built on in the last 28 years, and evolved it to a more modern, fun, enjoyable experience for the customer. This will also allow us to be more competitive as we grow our number of outlets in the mature markets of the Gulf States.”

Other notable changes over the years include Chili House restaurant’s growth to 28 restaurants in 7 countries (Jordan, Palestine, Libya, Qatar, KSA, Oman and Iraq),employing more than 500 individuals, and the brand’s ongoing creation of mouth-watering and innovative menu items based on its proprietary Chili sauce, such as Chili Burgers, Chili Cheese Fries, Cheese Coney’s, and Three Way Spaghetti.

Interesting facts on Chili House

  • Chili House serves up over 1 and half tons of Chili Sauce each and every month which is 18 tons per year
  • They utilize over 20 Tons of Cheddar Cheese per year
  • The restaurant serves chain wide over 12,000 hamburgers a day or 4.3 million hamburgers per year
  • The Original Secret Chili Recipe is based in Macedonia, it is made up of 14 herbs and spices in addition to some Middle Eastern Spices, such as Zaatar, and Marramieh to give it a more Eastern Flavor
  • The vegetables all come from European Union Certified Organic Farms, in Jordan and the Region

Currently, Chili House wide sales across the chain account for USD 25 million annually from 28 locations, while the Gold Star Chili store wide sales are USD 55 million annually from 87 locations.

In 2016 Chili House will open its first restaurants in Dubai – UAE, Kuwait City – Kuwait, and Misratah – Libya. Current negotiations are under way for Egypt and Algeria. The company has exported over 40 experienced labor from Jordan to the various countries to assure quality control in operations, and brand value to the consumer. “To be in the restaurant business in Jordan for 30 years is a huge milestone”, commented Mr. Sami Daoud, CEO of Chili House . “We wanted to build a restaurant that demonstrates true Jordanian hospitality as an important family principle, that everyone is valued. All our executive programs allow team members to be part of the decision making process.   Business is built on partnerships, and what I like to call the 3 P’s, (Product, Process & People), when these are all in place and well thought out, the probability for success is greatly enhanced. I believe PEOPLE” are the most important element to achieving success in this business”, added Mr. Daoud.

Daoud also commented: “We want to send out a HUGE Thank You to all our guests for the past thirty years and make a promise of continuing to provide great service, delicious food, and wonderful experiences at Chili House. We are excited about the future, and looking forward to another 30 years of making our customers smile.”

Also Chili House will be announcing the Non Smoking Policy for all Units in the Region as of January 01, 2016. Following an IPSOS study, conducted last month, which indicated a clear majority of customers prefer a Smoke Free Environment.

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