ARTASA : A French design company with a difference

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Curiosity Middle East had an formal chat with the Spokesperson of Artasa. Excerpts from the conversation as below:

A few words about your company?

Artasa is a Paris (France) based business founded ten years ago. From the start, we’ve focused our business development strategy on the Middle East Hospitality market. This market represents today a significant part of our business.

Artasa is specialized in artworks, sculptures and accessories. We design and produce our own collections, mainly inspired by the cultural heritage of the Islamic world and the Islamic culture. We also provide services of art procurement, commissioning and project management.
We have developed over the years an international network of artists and craftsmen in several parts of the world, including France of course where we have a number of very good artists, and have developed and mastered several exclusive techniques.

Do you participate every year in The Hotel Show in Dubaï?

Since 2009, Artasa is exhibiting its new collections at the Hotel Show UAE, within the French Pavilion. We have also regularly participated to the Hotel Show in Jeddah (KSA) since its launch in 2012.

These participations have clearly helped us to win the trust of the important local players in the Hospitality market. I am glad to say that our brand is now well known to these actors.
As you’ve understood, Hotel Show is an important event for our company.

The exhibition gives us the opportunity to showcase our new collections of artworks and know-how. It helps us also to interact with prospects and clients for their future projects.
This event provides us with leads of projects for the future. Each year, we have regular visitors at our stand as well as numerous new contacts. We meet people coming from the entire Middle East and Gulf region, and we are informed of their upcoming projects.

What is your perception of the growing market for business here in UAE?

The market in the UAE is dynamic but also very competitive market.
All suppliers are welcome. It is up to you to make the difference. But often the difference is done on the price only.
Buyers have difficulties to value the designs and the quality of the craft and of the material. They look at the price. And the pressure is important because the procurement of these items arrives at the end of the projects, when most of the investment budget has been spent on other packages.
So our role is not only to develop our business but also to educate the market on the importance of the artwork in a Hospitality project (or any Development project).

What is the new that you are exhibiting here and how has been the response? Tell about some unique products?

Like at every edition, this year, we have exhibited for the first time worldwide some of samples of our new collections. This year particularly, we have show new collections based on Islamic geometrical designs. These collections have all in common a few principles: they are inspired from the traditional Islamic geometrical shapes, they are clearly contemporary, and they based on cutting edge artistic and craftwork techniques. One collection explores the wonderful world of paper-cutting, another one of metal-cutting, and a third one on screen printing and gold leafing. These pieces, and these collections, have received significant positive feedback from designers, interior architects, contractors and owners. Several requests of information and quotation have been received following about these new offerings.

How different is the THE HOTEL SHOW in UAE from various shows and exhibitions where you normally participate worldwide?

The major difference between The Hotel Show in the UAE (and in the region, in general) and similar exhibitions in other parts of the worlds resides in the fact that in the first event, we mainly register contacts of prospects for general collaboration projects or specific projects where in the other events, we may get during the show, confirmed orders.

How do you see DUBAI EXPO 2020 benefitting your business and helping you grow more in the region?

Dubai Expo 2020 is an important global event. Its prospect has re-ignited several development programs and hospitality projects in Dubai, in the UAE, and in the region. It is a clear positive sign for the market and helps clearly the business. We are very excited about it.

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