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Red Hair: Teak and Mahogany

Redheads cannot hide – and why should they? Revel in the new shades for red hair. Redheads cannot hide – and why should they? Revel in the new shades for red hair. Schwarzkopf shows you what kind of care for color-treated hair can keep the color in your hair stay rich and luminous.

Trends: Autumn-leaf red hair looks marvellous all year round. The color is reminiscent of thewarm Indian summer glow.

Red hair color may range from strawberry red to deep mahogany.

Experimenting with Red Hair Color and StreaksTemporary red tints can help you test red shades in your hair providing the red hair color of your choice is not lighter than your natural hair color. Testing also gives you the opportunity to find out whether red can be your long-term hair color or just a way to exercise your creativity.

The Right Shade of Red for Your Hair and Skin Type :Do you fancy a flamboyant shade of pomegranate red or are you partial to warm caramel red, a deep black-red or the purple tinge of cherry red? You may like to narrow your choices by considering the natural tones of your hair and skin as guides.

Make-up: Natural make-up hues are ideal for redheads

Schwarzkopf Palette 01Eye Make-up: If you are about to create a particularly sophisticated look you should reach forcontrast colors like lilac, plum, teal or turquois. You may of course also dispense with eyeshadow altogether and use nothing but an eye-liner to create soft accents.

Redheads often have light eyelashes but the generous application of mascara creates expressiveeyes. You can lengthen short lashes by using extension mascara. Very light skin often forms ahard contrast with black mascara. In such cases, brownish-black mascara is a better choice.

Don’t shy away from smokey eyes for your evening make-up! Smokey eyes work well withredheads if the rest of the make-up is understated. You should however avoid deep black shadesand rather reach for gold, brown or gray tones.

Eyebrow Styling: Accenting the eyebrows the right way is important for redheads. Lightskinnedredheads should avoid strongly contrasting very dark eyebrows because they are likelyto create a mask-like appearance. Better apply eyebrow pencils in brownish red tones for a warmsoft look and use the pencils with a light touch to create broken lines between the eyebrow hairs.

Rouge or Blush: Most redheads know to avoid rouge on their cheeks. Too much red isdefinitely overwhelming. Today, blushes come in many colors other than red (rouge). Naturalblush colors like coral-red, apricot and peach lend a warm glow to the cheeks of redheads andlook very classy. Pink blushes are too undefined for redheads and should therefore be avoided.

Lip Make-up: Lipsticks or lip gloss in natural shades like coral, peach, apricot and rose lookgreat. Redheads who bring an artistic streak to applying make-up may also opt for the otherextreme. A deep red mouth looks dazzling as long as the rest of the make-up is understated.

Coloring Advice: Red Hair Comes in Many Shades.

The word red in red hair covers a tremendously wide spectrum ranging from warm reddishbrown to the quite unnatural hair color purple. Bleaching used to be the first step when coloringhair red. This is however rarely necessary with the newer coloring technologies.

Ways to Become a Trendy Redhead:

  1. Colouring your hair red is a cinch just as long as you don’t want to colour it lighter thanyour natural hair colour. Use rinsable tinting applications to experiment with the newcolour without worry about the growing root portion of your hair, which may ruin theimpression you make with your new hair colour.
  2. Traditionally, the way from brown to bright copper-coloured hair involved a bleaching step.First the dark pigments are removed and then the red colour pigments are added. Thatseems logical. New permanent colorants with a durability factor of 3 slightly lighten thehair, thus turning dark brown into bright red hair.
  3. Changing the colour of bleached hair is usually a problem. This does not apply to red hair.In general, the hair absorbs the red pigments readily without colouring surprises.
  4. The best way from grey to red hair involves a stop at the hair salon. The red pigments attachdifferently to white hair as compared to naturally pigmented hair. Ask an expert for advicebefore colouring white hair red. The expert will evaluate your hair quality and desiredcolour and will ensure that you do not inadvertently wind up with pink hair or looking likesomeone out of the world of goblins and leprechauns.
  5. Don’t rush the fences if you are not sure about the right colour hue. Tedious bleaching isunavoidable should the red colouring experiment go wrong. Consult with a good friendbefore making your colour choice.

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