Introducing SampleMe: the future of feedback is here!

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SampleMe is, quite simply, the future of feedback and customer engagement.  The first app of its kind in the world, SampleMe will transform the way brands interact with consumers and provide unprecedented levels of quantifiable results, all in real time.

Devised and created by digital guru Ryan Singlehurst, SampleMe offers brands a unique solution to the age old problem of how to measure their performance and perception more accurately than monitoring a fluctuating bottom line.   With its innovative technology, brands will be able to engage with consumers as they experience their services, allowing them to receive immediate feedback, ask opinions and even deal with unhappy customers on the spot.   It is not hard to see why SampleMe is already producing such positive feedback; the unique features of this app provide the consumer with a trusted social search function, as well as a great deal, and brands with the opportunity to get unrivalled levels of ROI, far higher than any forms of traditional marketing or advertising.  This is truly a game-changer.

“We live in a digital age, one in which any decision is rarely made before a google search for advice, but this traditional search method is fundamentally flawed.   Notwithstanding the staggering numbers of fake reviews, a lack of incentives mean that less than 1% of people visiting venues leave reviews.  53% of consumers won’t make a booking without consulting online reviews, leaving outlets at the mercy of insufficient and inaccurate information.  I wanted to create a thought engine app that allowed people to make better buying decisions and business better overall decisions by using Big Data. You’re more likely to use a plumber your friend recommends, or eat at a restaurant your aunty recommends, hence SampleMe and its ethos of ‘social search’ was born.”  Ryan Singlehurst, CEO.

What makes SampleMe different?

There a two main aspects unique to the SampleMe app; social search and QIM.   QIM or ‘Quantifiable Interactive Marketing™’ is what will set the app apart for brands and businesses.  It is what drives SampleMe to provide accurate, immediate and ‘quantifiable’ results to its users.  It turns the most effective form of advertising, WOM ‘word-of-mouth’, into a daily, trackable reality.   A state of the art marketing suite, with a simple UI, will put the power of direct marketing and engagement in the hands of brands and turn their consumers into partners, meaning they can make better business decisions.  Much more effective that traditional ads that leave businesses unable to track who saw it and what they thought!

How it works

The SampleMe beacons with proximity technology alert consumers when they enter an outlet in the community.  A 20 second tailored survey or feedback request is then sent to them, which can be completed in exchange for an immediate reward, such as discount or free gift.  The social search element of the app means this info is shared, not only with the establishment, but publically to the consumer’s wider circle; producing user generated content in real time.  By offering small, instant incentives brands can grow their business by reacting to genuine feedback and generating customer loyalty.

CEO Ryan Singlehurst was quick to underline, “Our reviews are quick and easy to ensure consumer collaboration and are collated into easy to read big data to help generate accurate analysis.  There is no other resource in the world that can guarantee the levels of engagement and ROI generated by SampleMe.  Having consulted for businesses all over the world, bridging the gap between brands and the consumer has been a long-term goal of mine; I am delighted that day is finally here.”

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