Providing Innovative Technology Solutions for Global Travel Tourism Industry

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Rezgateway, a leading technology provider from the United States for the global travel and tourism industry, recently opened sales office in Dubai in partnership with AVIAREPS to cover the whole GCC.
Curiosity Middle East speaks to Mesfin Eyob, CEO and President of Rezgateway about the company’s products and expansion in the market.

Tell us briefly about your company?
Rezgateway, a United States leading technology provider for the global travel and tourism industry, provides an innovative and efficient system that uniquely provides airlines, tour operators, travel distributors, Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and travel agencies the ability to create, book, manage, integrate and distribute multiple travel inventory, such as air, car, hotels, activities, transfers, insurance and fixed packages, from one fully integrated system; resulting in cost savings of 30 to 50% when compared to in-house managed systems, and more than 50% or more when compared to other vendors.

How long has your company been a player on the IT front?
Rezgateway was established in 2001 with the objective of providing customizable solutions only to the travel industry. Headquartered in Reston, United States of America, the company expanded its services worldwide with sales and support offices in Las Vegas (USA), Toronto (Canada), Dubai (UAE), Sydney (Australia) and Colombo (Sri Lanka).

What has been the formula for your success?
Working with and identifying the needs and requirements of the aviation and tourism industry and providing solutions tailored to these requirement is a key driver to our success. As such, the fully customized system do not require technical or specialized knowledge to operate. Additionally, as the system is browser-based, no additional hardware or software is required. There is no limitation on the number of users and integrations, and with the system being transaction-based pay as you earn pricing, it is extremely economical. Additionally, our team of 220+ technical/support staff provide superior customer service and are fully engaged in the success of our partners.

What type of innovative IT solutions do you offer for travel and tourism industry?
Rezgateway’s solutions are categorized into four main systems designed to meet our customer’s requirements: RezG-Package, RezG-Receptor, RezG-Group and RezG-Holidays.

RezG-Package ™ is a fully integrated reservation system to create, book, manage, integrate and distribute multiple travel products (air, car, hotels, cruises, ground transportation, leisure activities, tickets and insurance) from a single mid office system.

The built in processes of RezG-Package ™ fully covers the end to end operations of Tour Operators, Travel Distributors, Destination Management Companies and Travel Agencies.

With RezG-Package ™ reservation software, users can manage their direct inventory contracts via a user friendly mid office system, easily integrate to 3rd party suppliers for travel content, and sell these inventories via multiple distribution channels: B2C, B2B, Affiliate, Call Center, Corporate and Web services (XML out). The system is provided as a service and the modularization of the system enables users to easily add product offerings based on client’s business requirements.

RezG-Receptor ™ is a solution designed for Receptive Tour Operators to manage accommodation and activity content from a single back office system.

This fully integrated web based solution enables Receptors to easily manage their allocations/rates , integrate content from external systems and distribute these content via a web interface (Secure Internet Booking engine) and web services
(XML out).

RezG-Receptor ™ is provided as a service (ASAP) or as an in-house managed system. RezG-Receptor covers the end to end operation of a Receptive tour operator system.

RezG-Group ™ Travel Software is an Internet based reservations, registration and housing management solution for the meeting industry. By using RezG-Group ™, meeting planners and convention housing providers can easily manage the housing requirements and reservations of their groups and drive efficiencies and cost savings in their operation.

When an exhibitor and or attendee enter the group’s website, they will find a link that will seamlessly connect them to the Rezgateway housing system. The site is secure and includes real-time inventory, a direct link to registration, descriptions and rates of hotels.

RezG-Holidays™ is a custom built solution that covers the end to end operations of Airline Holiday divisions. The solution manages all reservation (air, car, hotels, activities, insurance and packages), inventory and back office processes via a fully integrated reservation system.

The solution enables airlines to operate a reservation service with dynamic packaging and shopping cart capability for B2C (Internet booking engine), B2B, Call Center and Point of Sales channels. The B2C – Internet booking engine can be seamlessly incorporated into the Airline’s booking widget. RezG-Holidays includes a mid-office system to manage land contracts and is also integrated to over 40 third party leading content providers. Airlines can choose their preferred vendors and have that content integrated with direct contracts seamlessly.

Advances in technology are rapidly transforming the hospitality industry. How can the hospitality sector benefit from your solutions?
Advanced technological solutions and global accessibility to online content has transformed the way hospitality industry interacts. To be truly successful in today’s age of technology, it is essential to be flexible and adaptable to instant changes.   Rezgateway solutions are programmed in such manner that they are easily customizable and upgradable to any requirement or market trend. All our clients receive upgrades to the system on a regular basis as part of the service. This allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing that their inventory and reservations systems are always employing the latest technology allowing them to perform ahead of their competitive field.
Rezgateway has an impressive client portfolio, which on average have increased their revenue by more than 62% after adopting the Rezgateway system. Aviation clients who have adopted the Rezgateway system in order to effectively establish their own holiday departments and offers include; Oman Air, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air Mauritius, Ethiopian Airlines and Avianca Airlines to name a few.

How is mobile technology changing the business landscape?
With mobile technology, it is now easier to communicate directly with customers. The rise of mobile technology has enabled customers to access anything from anywhere with mobile experience providing benefits of mobility with location specific offering.

How are you gearing up to meet the growing technology demand in Dubai leading up to Expo 2020?
We have recently opened our sales office in Dubai in partnership with AVIAREPS to cover the whole GCC.  The objective of us expanding in this market is to offer aviation, tour operators and hospitality entities in the Middle East a fully integrated travel reservation and inventory system that is cutting edge, allowing all industry players to make the most of every opportunity to reach their customers, stakeholders and competitors in the lead up to Expo 2020.

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