Artasa unveiling its newest art creations at Dubai & Jeddah

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ARTASA confirms the importance of the Gulf Region and unveils its latest designs on Objects of Desire, the prestigious event organized by Commercial Interior Design Magazine in Dubai on May 4, and then at the Hotel Show Saudi Arabia in Jeddah from the 17th to the 19th of May.

Mrs. Marie-Noelle DUREGNE, Co-founder and CEO of ARTASA, was really delighted to sponsor the exclusive event Objects of Desire: “This event is offering a great opportunity for high quality networking with the major interior designers of Dubai! And it gives us an amazing space to showcase our latest works to design professionals, prescribers of ARTASA offering, within a friendly and informal ambiance.”

Marie-Noelle also said: “It is different from The Hotel Show, the key exhibition for the Hospitality Industry in the Gulf countries. We’ve followed The Hotel Show to Saudi Arabia since its very first edition, in 2012. Exhibiting in Saudi Arabia is really helpful for our developement on this important and dynamic market.”

This month of May, on the 2 events, ARTASA Paris is presenting many new art collections. They are the result of an important and regular activity of Research and Development. What’s impressive is the ability of the French Art Design Studio to enrich its mastering of techniques and craftsmanship. In particular, for two craftmanship techniques: the gilding and the screen printing have been explored with an innovative and elegant efficiency.

For instance, one set of art pieces offer an interesting and original contrast between rich designs screen-printed on gold circles and the natural linen canvas on which the circles are placed. Another set of artworks develop the same concept on glass; it gives a totally different rendering. Don’t miss the sketch of Makkah, The Haram Early 20th Century screen-printed on glass and underlined with a nice handmade gilding.

Visitors are also attracted by artworks showing geometric islamic shapes. One of them is made in a stainless steel sheet. Other artworks  are made of multiple layers of thick white paper! They show an impressive 3D rendering.

Mr Riadh Sifaoui, Co-founder & Art Director of ARTASA explains: “We present sets of artworks illustrating one same subject: the Islamic Culture, while we are presenting a wide variety of finishing and rendering. Our idea is demonstrate our ability to design and use various carftmanship techniques and materials. Because on hotel projects, we usally have to illustrate one central theme. But while for the rooms and corridors, we have to provide competitive reproductions of “waw” effects, for the public areas we have to design and produce exclusive and signature artworks. We demonstrate in here that we can do both!”


ARTASA is a French company. Headquartered in Paris since its launch, the company is internationally oriented, and particularly active in the Gulf Area. To support its business development and to establish a close relationship with its clients, ARTASA has developed partnerships with local companies and representatives.

The French team is focused on the development of new collections inspired by cultures and heritages. They love to design art pieces mixing different techniques: academic drawing and painting techniques, ancestral craftsmanship (e.g: screen printing, gilding), and new technologies (e.g: laser cutting, digital art). For frames and onsite installation, ARTASA is working with partners located in each market covered by ARTASA.

Because ARTASA founders are art lovers, they continually look for new professional artists and craftsmen, all over the world, in order to enrich ARTASA portfolio and they are especially concerned with quality and final rendering of their art pieces.

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