Savoir Vivre Teams up With International Butler Academy to Bring World’s Best Butlers to the UAE

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VIP recruitment firm Savoir Vivre has teamed up with the International Butler Academy to provide high-end domestic services across the UAE.

Established just three years ago Savoir Vivre is now working with VIP households, Royal Palaces, yacht and private jet owners and key hospitality figures. The company provides a range of services and staff to cater to all aspects of household management in need of  au pairs, tutors, butlers, governesses, private chefs, elderly care, special care nurses, royal protocol, groom, concierge, florist, yacht and private jet personnel and other specific roles.

The deal with the Academy will give Savoir Vivre clients in the UAE exclusive access to the world’s most highly trained and sought after butlers.

“The butlers we will now be able to offer to UAE clients are the most specialised when it comes to housekeeping, serving and servicing. When it comes to manners and etiquette, these staff will be able to provide the ultimate high-end service,” said Katarina Janev, Communications Director of Savoir Vivre.

Service personnel show high refinement and grace, and are multilingual. They are willing to relocate, travel and cater to any special needs that a client requests. Additionally, the governesses and private tutors are trained in First Aid and CPR, and have a strong educational background in English tutoring, French and Arabic languages. Savoir Vivre also offers free in-house training, and a Mannerism and Etiquette Manual for clients, created by professional etiquette advisors. Services are handled with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

The high standards set by Savoir Vivre also extend to its rococo period domestic uniforms. The company’s professional in-house designers have created the Savoir Vivre collection; a modern baroque-style, unique and culturally appropriate staff garment, catering to a wide range of personal uses and tastes.

In consideration of the preciousness of time and privacy concerns of clients, Savoir Vivre has a rigorous candidate screening system that maintains confidentiality to the highest level. Clients are given the option of meeting with the Savoir Vivre staff overseas, or locally, so they can interview and trial the prospective candidates before hiring them. Savoir Vivre also arranges visits to the houses, palaces and estates of clients by appointment.


Savoir Vivre is a Dubai based domestic recruitment company. It is a premium division of Kensho Recruitment Office Services providing recruitment consultancy for companies and clients. Savoir Vivre is an accredited domestic service operating as part of Kensho Group, which includes two other micro brands for hospitality and corporate industries. The service is headquartered in central Dubai at Business Bay. Savoir Vivre also has offices in South East Europe. The company offers custom made packages to meet with the most stringent household requirements. It caters to local and international clients. It has close relationship with the consular departments of many countries, ensuring streamlined services that meet with client needs appropriately.

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