Turkish Citrus Fruit To Expand Sales in UAE

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The Turkish Citrus Promotion Group (CPG) has announced that sales of Turkish citrus fruit to the United Arab Emirates from January to the end of October 2016 has increased in volume by 44% compared to the same period in 2015. This equates to over 18.2 million kilograms of citrus fruit, and an export value of over US$10.6 million, resulting in an increased sales value of 49% when compared to 2015 figures. The announcement was made by the Chairman of the Turkish Citrus Promotion Group Mr. Ali Kavak, at a gala event held at the Armani Hotel Dubai on November 14, 2016.

The gala event headed by the Turkish Citrus Promotion Group (CPG), included a Turkish delegation of seven leading CPG members, with the aim of further promoting the goodness and taste of Turkish citrus fruits among the UAE’s leading supermarkets, 5 star hotels, importer representatives and media, and featured a specially prepared citrus inspired menu and cooking demonstration.

Says Mr. Ali Kavak, Chairman, Turkish Citrus Promotion Group: “The major competitive advantage of Turkish citrus has been its superior quality. Our main purpose is to carry out promotional activities in order to increase citrus consumption and improve consumer habits by introducing the nutritional and organoleptic superiorities of Turkish citrus.”

Turkey benefits from an excellent climatic and ecological environment which enhances the production of many fruit and vegetable varieties, and particularly citrus fruit cultivation. Today Turkish citrus fruit cultivation represents 3.74 % of the world’s total citrus production. 84.2 % of Turkey’s citrus fruit is produced in the Mediterranean Region, with the main production areas lying in Mersin, Adana and Hatay Provinces, where 81 % of Turkish lemons, 95.6 % of Turkish grapefruit, 53 % of oranges and 72.2 % of mandarins are produced.

The Middle East as a regional market has long recognised the nutritional value and superior taste of Turkish citrus fruits. From January to the end of October 2016 it remains Turkey’s largest regional market with over 363.2 million kilograms of produce having been exported this year. Iraq is Turkey’s largest citrus fruit export market, followed by the Russian Federation and Ukraine in 2nd and 3rd spots. Saudi Arabia ranks 4th, and due to the recent increase in exports to the UAE, it now ranks 9th.


About Turkish Citrus Promotion Group (CPG) 

The main purpose of the Citrus Promotion Group (CPG) is to increase the consumption and demand of Turkish citrus while promoting “Turkish Product” concept and completing the branding process abroad. CPG by this way aims at constituting and maintaining a stable price and competition ground by accelerating promotion and advertising campaigns.

About 4 million ton of production and an export value of 942 million dollar, Turkish citrus sector is of vital importance for the population of 5 million people from Aegean and Mediterranean Regions who directly or indirectly earn their livings by.

Considering the high competitive advantages of Turkish Citrus Fruits such as natural unique taste and finest quality, it is fair to understand that one third of citrus production is oriented to export.

Citrus Promotion Group was founded to increase not only the domestic but also the international consumption of our citrus products and also to optimize the usage of right marketing techniques as it becomes the national agenda.

Citrus Promotion Group aims at promoting our products by implementing the trademark process and emphasizing “Turkish Product” image throughout the world.

Citrus Promotion Group was founded to achieve above mentioned issues in November 2007 by the Undersecretaries of Foreign Trade Directive numbered 120008151. The secretariat of Citrus Promotion Group is run by General Secreteriat of Mediterranean Exporters Unions. Citrus Promotion Group Management Board is composed of 11 members (6 representatives from Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Union, 5 representative from each Antalya, Eagean, East Black Sea, İstanbul and Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporter’s Union.).

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