Discover The All-New LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil

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Lose those stubborn fat and at the same time feel more relaxed and blissful with the all-new LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil. The secret of this new LPG innovation lies in this incredible “slimming and pleasure” elixir. A combination of a unique complex of active ingredients made of pure oil extracted from pink pepper seeds with powerful lipolytic properties, Coralline G® Concentrate coming from a marine vegetal coral extract, and arctic root extract. Its very pleasant oil texture and sensory fragrance fully contribute to its relaxing effect on the body and mind.

Its formula combines a synergy of active ingredients known for their draining and slimming properties – perfect to reveal a slimmer and firmer figure this summer.

A texture that plays with senses…
The oil is light and non-oily. It penetrates quickly on the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. The heady fragrance of the oil evokes the senses as well.

Action: Combining effectiveness and pleasure

Apply it day and night. Spray directly onto the skin, massage in slowly using circular motions paying close attention to thighs, buttocks and stomach for a few minutes. Then enjoy the fruity note of its fragrance.

Beauty Results:
In 28 days, the figure becomes slimmer. The skin is smoother and more hydrated. And it immediately provides stress-relieving effects as soon as it is applied.

Retail Price: AED 360 (150ml bottle)
Available in centers, spa and resorts equipped with LPG systems.

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