Perfect gifts for your loved ones for Ramadan

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As the Holy Month of Ramadan falls at the beginning of Summer and the human body does not retain the necessary liquids during extreme weather conditions, we need to stay hydrated. Nutritionist Lama Al Naeli, Kenwood Ambassador and founder of the Wellness by Design clinic, reiterates that a diet containing fresh juices has unparalleled benefits: “This system works on removing bad fats from your body, which in turn reduces fatigue, laziness, inactivity. It facilitates the body to absorb the necessary vitamins easily and protects the body from diseases.”

Since Ramadan is also a season of giving, we’ve listed some kitchen tools that could be the perfect gift for your loved ones:

  • Kenwood PureJuice range a slow press juicer which is an effortless way to engage in a healthier lifestyle through consuming 100% natural juice. By slowly crushing ingredients, the PureJuice can extract up to 84% of juice and retains maximum taste, colour and nutrition.
  • Kenwood’s Blend Xtract range, on the other hand, is a simple to use, easy to clean and compact for your countertop. The blenders allow you to instantly prepare delicious, nutrient-rich smoothies, drinks, soups or dips with premium-quality ingredients to fuel your body.

Without the right kitchen tools, Ramadan, which is also a season of gathering families for Iftar meals, can be a stressful and tiring period in the kitchen! Here are some revolutionary kitchen allies that would be handy to quickly prepare tasty and healthy meals to share with family:

  • The new De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker Extra Chef Plus allows you to cook all your favorite food in one machine. You can fry, bake, and grill while using less oil and salt to keep you healthy. The machine boasts equal upper and lower heating power, cooking as a real electric oven with a fan. Its exclusive grill function will help you achieve excellent results in grilling meat and fish.  Its automatic mixing paddle is ideal in preparing stews, risottos, sauces, ragouts, couscous and ratatouille. You can also opt for static cooking to prepare meat and fish fillets or bake pizzas, cakes, quiches. Its bowl can cook up to 1.7kg of food at a time, you’d be confident in serving baked lamb, perfected veal with aubergines, juicy beef stroganoff, and tender beef shawarmas for Iftar.
  • Another option is the Braun MultiQuick 7 MQ775 Patisserie a hand blender that can chop, blend, slice, dice and prepare dough with one single push of a button. The 1500ml compact food processor accessory is a real 4-in-1, acting as a chopper, slicer and shredder when preparing food and even as a dough kneader when baking. Built in a unique shape with ultra-hard stainless steel, this can cut through all types of ingredients, giving you the desired result in no time and ensuring that there is no stress in the kitchen come time to prepare your Iftar.

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