Gursha, a family-friendly Ethiopian restaurant, brings authentic flavours to the UAE

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  • Gursha, an Ethiopian restaurant, brings to the UAE authentic Ethiopian flavors and culinary tradition
  • Focusing on the traditional way of eating, Gursha means to feed someone morsels of food with one’s own hands and sharing a communal experience of eating meals together
  • Its Ye Getoch Gursha platter (translates to The King’s Feast) is meant to be shared for two and provides an opportunity for a full dive into Ethiopian cuisine. Brimming with a wide spectrum of both Vegetarian and meat dishes ranging from chickpea gravy to beef tartar and served on Injera (a sourdough flat Ethiopian bread similar to a crêpe made from a gluten free grain called Teff), it is the best way to take a journey around the menu with a loved one and share a Gursha.
  • Located at Dubai’s popular Club Vista Mare with a beachfront, Gursha also offers shisha, free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor seating facility in Palm Jumeirah


Gursha, an Ethiopian family- friendly restaurant located in Palm Jumeirah brings to the UAE authentic flavors of Ethiopia. Focusing on the traditional way of eating, the restaurant offers a communal ambience of dining together and sharing a meal with a group.

One of the highlights on the menu is Ye Getoch Gursha Platter that is loosely translates into the King’s Feast. It is a carefree and adventurous way to take a tour around the menu including appetizers and main dishes. Portioned for a serving for two, one could enjoy spicy curries such as Misir (lentils) or Doro Wat (chicken), sooth the taste buds with Shiro or Suf Fitfit – injera soaked in chickpea or sunflower juice, or try raw or grilled beef like Kitfo – beef tartar with Ethiopian spices or Tibs – stir fried beef with herbed Ethiopian butter.

The platter, like all Ethiopian dishes, is accompanied by endless supply of Injera, a gluten free sourdough bread with a soft and spongy texture known to be one of the staple food items in Africa. Injera is placed at the bottom of the plate with vegetables and meat on it. Gursha also offers many other delectable vegan dishes like BuTicha – a chickpea dip with lemon juice, Azifa – a zesty green lentil salad, Shiro wat – a flabor packed chickpea gravey  along with beetroot and other salads. Experiencing any of these dishes with house beverages gives a full-fledged Ethiopian dining experience.

Commenting on the King’s Feast platter, Mr. Beide Worku, Founder & Executive Chef said, “We are very pleased to introduce Gursha to the UAE, making Ethiopian Culinary culture more accessible to many. Focusing on its origin, Gursha promotes a more traditional way of enjoying a meal that encourages people to sit together and get communal. We are positive that the UAE, a home for residents and visiters alike from different nations, will be receptive towards what Gursha has to offer. The King’s Feast is one of our signature dishes and we are hopeful it will help showcase the tastes of Ethiopia here in the region. We also have other platters catering to different tastes still centred around the spirit of sharing”

The Ye Getoch platter also known as the King’s Feast is Gursha’s signature dish to share for two, priced at AED 275.

About Gursha:

Established in 2015 Gursha is a family friendly refined casual restaurant based in Palm Jumeirah showcasing rich and authentic Ethiopian food. With beautifully decorated interiors, the restaurant offers multiple facilities like indoor and outdoor seating with a beach view, shisha, bar and free Wi-Fi. Founded by, Chef BeideWorku and partners, Gursha aims to promote Ethiopian culinary culture in the Middle East region.For additional information please visit our for more
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