Culinary team brings changes to Qwerty menu

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Media One’s funky new(ish) ground floor gastrobar ‘Qwerty’ unveils a new menu for Media City munchers and the neighbourhood. Not that there was anything wrong with the last one, let’s call it an upgrade! Just like going from an iPhone 6 to a 7… it still looks and feels familiar with a few tasty new features, as well as some interesting covers, which we’ll talk about later.

The Main Munches still feature filling favourites like the succulent ‘Cornish Pasty’ and ’Nasi Goreng’, plus a few new dishes such as the ‘Pan Fried Salmon’, a healthier choice served with grilled vegetables and three types of quinoa. Before the Mains, there’s a whole new section ’To Start’, as well as the more substantial ‘Grazers’ – which are great for sharing by the way. As you would expect from Qwerty, it has given its quirky twist to the list of starters, including the Caprese Salad, which stars a specially sourced mozzarella sheet from Italy with a variety of heirloom tomatoes. Light and original.

One of the most eye catching Grazers are the Chimichanga Cigars, an innovative take on the Mexican classic, rolled into a Havana cigar shape and served alongside a glass ‘ashtray’ of Mexican dips. It’s a smokin’ dish that won’t damage your health! The ‘Pint of Prawns’ also catches the eye, with whole prawns spilling out of a hops glass across a wooden board.

“We see a lot of regulars who eat at Qwerty two or three times a week, so we want to keep evolving the menu so their tastebuds never get tired,” explains Chef de Cuisine Giles Pritchard, “so we’ve been auditioning new dishes as Daily Specials before adding them to the new menu.”

The ‘Afters’ section of the new menu also has some delicious debuts, including a whole (miniature) ‘Black Forest Gateaux’ to share, or eat whole if you have a very sweet tooth.

On to the covers, and they’ve also been given a facelift. Designed by acclaimed multimedia designer and ‘Webby’ winner Eisen Bernado, the original covers featured an international magazine cover cleverly combined with a classic oil painting, taken from Eisen’s ‘Magazine + Art’ collection. This new collection has been specially commissioned using UAE magazine covers to cement the close relationship Qwerty has with media types, who can be seen quenching and munching at lunchtimes and after work.

For reservations and more details, the Qwerty team will be happy to assist and can be contacted on or 04 4271000.

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