IDS Next leading Hotel ERP provider with 360° Hotel Solutions for Hotel Operators

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Tell us briefly about IDS Next?

We are a globally leading hospitality technology solutions provider with decades of domain authority. We understand the technological requirements of hotels across segments/categories and offer them the right solution to increase revenues, decrease costs and above all provide enhanced guest experience. Be it a large independent hotel, chain hotel, boutique & resort or small hotel, we have solution for all of them.

Apart from being a pioneer in Hotel ERP, we do offer many other path breaking solutions like mobile analytics app, guest experience management platform, central reservation system, SMS alert solution, check-in app and e-menu app for restaurants etc.

We do have a strong presence in regions including South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and Oceania. Currently, with over 4300 clients spread across 40 countries, we are growing at a phenomenal pace. Our 24/7 global technical support ensures 98% customer retention.

How long has your company been a player in Hospitality Industry?

We have been in this domain with over two decades of exclusive focus on hospitality technology solutions.

What has been the formula for your success?

It is quite simple. We not only offer our clients a great hotel ERP application but also help them grow in every aspect of their business. We cater to their niche and specific needs.  Most importantly, our solutions are easy to use. Post implementation, we offer them ample training and support to make sure that they are using our hotel software to the maximum extent.

Moreover, our Hotel ERP is all-in-one and highly integrated with 13 operationally essential modules running on a single database. It helps users manage data effectively with less maintenance effort. It is also interfaced with many third-party solutions including EPABX, Wi-Fi and door lock solutions etc. IDS Next enables a hotel to sell more rooms, increase room occupancy and increase RevPAR and ARR.

What type of new innovative solutions do you offer for Hospitality industry?

We understand the importance of technology for today’s highly competitive hotel business. We also understand that today’s technology platform becomes obsolete tomorrow. And then, hoteliers are increasingly becoming tech-savvy. Keeping all these in mind, we have rolled out many cutting-edge solutions.

For example, Stay Ahead, a mobile based product is a guest experience management platform from IDS. Using this platform, hotels now can enable their guests to manage their end to end post-booking activity through their smartphones. This app allows guests to upload their check-in related ID proofs, select and pre check-in to their rooms in advance, chat with hotel staff, upgrade room, order room service, raise requests, give real-time feedback and many more. In summary, Stay Ahead app helps a hotel to offer superior guest experience, increase revenue and improve operational efficiency.

Pulze247, the mobile analytics app from IDS is another important innovation. This solution helps hotel owners and general managers to view their properties’ real-time business statistics on their smartphones, anywhere and anytime.  Apart from managing daily operations and guest services, hoteliers keep track of KPIs of their businesses. For this, they solely depend on the Hotel PMS and they need to be at their properties to access required information. But, what if they are on official tour, or on holiday, or even out of the hotel? How do they get to know what is happening at the hotel? In this scenario, Pulze247 can help hoteliers in a big way. It can be downloaded on a smartphone or on a tablet.

Advances in technology are rapidly transforming the hospitality industry. How can the hospitality sector benefit from your solutions?

All our solutions are futuristic. Each solution we offer is capable of empowering hotels technologically. With our solutions in place, hotels can automate their day to day operations, improve operational capabilities and most importantly can serve guests efficiently.

We help hotels to leverage the right technology platform to address guests’ niche needs to win over their loyalty. In summary, our solutions help hotels to acquire ‘happy guests’. This works well for hotels as happy guests talk good about the hotel, write good reviews and their positive reviews influence other potential guests’ booking decision. Most importantly, happy guests do come back and that leads to repeat business.

How is mobile technology changing the business landscape from IDS prospective? 

This is the era of mobile technology. Mobile based solutions are there in all departments in hotels. With price of mobile and cost of data pointing south, mobility based solutions are a perfect fit for hospitality industry. Smartphones have become number one travel accessory for over 90% of guests today. In this WhatsApp and Snapchat driven world, guests expect all hotel services to be delivered through their phones, in a personalized way. Mobile ecosystem enables personalization to the fullest.

With the advent of IoT platforms being rolled out by technology behemoths like Apple, Google and Amazon, mobile plays an imperative role in the journey of a hotel guest. The guest expects to control the gadgets in room, lights, curtains, HVAC and all other items through smartphone.

So, at IDS, any new product we brainstorm, we think mobile-first.

How are you gearing up to meet the growing technology demand in Dubai leading up to Expo 2020?

With over 600 plus clients in the Middle East, we have the best platform for astronomical growth. We have our support offices in Dubai and Bahrain. Across Middle East, more than 10,000 people are trained in our solution which is one of the largest manpower pools to support growth. Easy to implement solutions are the need of the hour. We know very well how to cater to the emerging high growth market.

What do you have to say about the global hospitality industry and how is IDS next positioned globally?

Buoyed by signs of surge in corporate and leisure travel, mid-segment luxury brands in chain/group category will dominate the global market in coming years. The industry is rapidly moving towards digitalization. Mobile will become the mainstream and primary channel throughout the guests’ lifecycle. Right from doing research to book the hotel, from check-in to check-out, guests will do everything using their mobiles. Now here, personalization of guest experience leveraging mobile will play a major role. Because, personalization can help hotels to earn guest loyalty, increase revenue, and even to reduce costs in many ways.

We can help hoteliers to adopt mobile personalization at the heart of their operations to serve guests. For example, our Stay Ahead app can help hotels to allow guests manage their stay using their smartphones.  Using this app, guests can chat with the hotel staff, and also can raise service requests. Our Pulze247 mobile analytics app would help hotel managers to view business data on their phones. For example, they can track whether all the rooms are ready to occupy for the scheduled group check-in. If not, they can expedite the process to ensure timeliness.

IDS Next has the required technical know-how and is perfectly positioned to cater to the needs of the hotels across segments and locations. We have direct presence through our full-fledged sales and support offices across locations in Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

What do you have to say about contribution of IDS Next to Direct Booking?

We understand the importance of direct booking for hotels. It helps them increase their profit margin by doing away with the hefty sum charged by OTAs. Hotels can use this margin to invest on service improvement or can simply pass on the benefit to their guests to earn their loyalty.  And as a preferred technology partner for hotels, we help them in this, too.

Our newest solution StayAhead mobile application is a main driver for direct booking. Using this application, hotels can handle 360 degree guest experience and their loyalty.

Our other solutions like SkyRes central reservation system can help hotels to receive direct bookings. It allows the chain hotel’s central reservation office to assign its corporate clients, and sales offices separate logins to receive bookings based on allocation.

Additionally, our web booking engine solution helps hotels receive direct bookings via their brand websites. Embedded in a hotel website and interfaced with the hotel’s PMS System, our web booking engine allows potential guests to view real-time room availability to make booking directly.

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