IDS Next launches FX Service, a mobile based service quality improvement platform for hotels

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The Hotel ERP provider aims to enable hotels to respond to guests’ requests instantly through “FX Service”

Bangalore, 12/Oct/17: IDS Next Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a globally leading hotel technology solutions provider, has announced the launch of a new product –FX Service, a mobile based service quality improvement platform for hotels.

FX Service will enable hotels to delight guests by attending to their requests ahead of their expectation. This app will also help hotels to improve guest experience and staff productivity.

Hotels can create guest requests in a web-based application. Once a guest raises a request or compliant, staffs in the respective department get notified on their FX Service Android app, enabling them to act immediately.

“In a typical environment, a staff gets instructed to deliver a specific item to the guest in his/her room. In this case, the staff would not have any idea about who requested it, when the request was registered and how soon the guest wants it. This leads to guest disappointment. But with FX Service, this will be a thing of past. The app shows the service request, room number from where it was requested, name of guest, time of request, and finally the time before which a request has to be completed,” said Binu Mathews, Chief Executive Officer at IDS Next.

Hotel staff can start to work on a task, mark it as completed when it’s done. the app. They can even create and confirm service requests on behalf of guests.

In FX Service app, respective department managers will have complete visibility of the guest requests and complaints that are in various stages – New, In-progress and Completed. To make sure that the guests’ needs are taken care of, they can reassign or reopen a request. Most importantly, the app highlights requests that are overdue in terms of allocated time.

Using FX Service, hotels will be able to improve overall staff productivity with the help of data – top performing departments, top staffs, repeated overdue requests, etc. Also, hotels can delight guests by responding to requests ahead of their expectation.

FX Service app is available on Android app store.

Android app link: Download

About IDS Next Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

IDS Next Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a globally leading Hotel Technology Solutions provider with decades of unmatched domain expertise. Being pioneers in Hotel ERP architecture, the company’s forte lies in providing unparalleled technology solutions for hospitality properties across categories. With unrivalled domain expertise, its USP lies in creating solutions that help hotels increase revenues, optimize costs and above all provide enhanced guest experience.

IDS Next fully understands emerging markets, and its high growth needs. IDS Next’s offerings include integrated hotel management software, restaurant management software, mobile apps and mobile analytic solutions etc.

IDS Next’s software and technology solutions have earned the trust of over 4300 plus hotels in 40 countries spread across South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and Oceania. A truly dedicated 24/7 technical support centre ensures 98% retention of customers and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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